Once upon a time, there lived a Tooth Fairy called Peggy. She collected teeth from children who left messages for her under their pillows when their teeth fell out. The messages asked all sorts of questions like "What is your name?" and "What do you do with all the teeth?"

Peggy wanted to leave a reply for each child and so one night, she made some tiny cards in which she wrote special thank-you messages. She sealed each card inside a tiny white envelope and left them, along with a coin, inside an organza bag and placed them carefully under the pillows.

When the children woke up the next morning, they found to their delight a reply to all their questions, in the tiniest fairy handwriting they had ever seen....

Fairy Tooth helps you celebrate those moments when your child looses their first teeth. Browse the Products page for tiny fairy-sized cards, packed in an organza bag together with tiny white envelopes. The card is left blank for you to write your own message;

 "Thank-you for your lovely tooth, lots of love from Pearl the Tooth Fairy".

You could answer any questions your child has written to the tooth fairy or leave encouraging messages to keep brushing!

Your child will keep these cards for years to come and will look back with fond memories of the magical time when the Tooth Fairy really did exist!



Every pack sold, 25p goes to The British Dental Health Foundation



"My daughter was more thrilled to receive a message from the fairy than getting the coin!" -- Michelle,  Devon U.K

"What a fantastic way to encourage children to look after their teeth" - Alison, SureStart Children's Centre 

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